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fibre & Textile artist


As a fibre artist, Diane focuses on developing uniquely crafted pieces for each client, inspired by interesting pairings and textural combinations, natural dying techniques, and maintaining a natural, planet friendly process. Although not deterred by working in colour, Diane is inspired by the elements of texture and loves working in a neutral colour palette to play into the natural contrasts of different fibres.


Sustainability plays an extremely important role in Diane’s work, she ensures all her pieces and processes have a low impact on the environment and uses only natural fibres and dyes. While she works in all shapes, sizes and formats based on her clients’ needs, she always loves creating on a large scale, and has become well known for her large custom commercial and residential installations.


Her art is a reflection of her emotions and although often shy and introverted on first meeting, Diane’s vibrant and warm personality shines through in her work. She shares her passion for fibre arts by teaching workshops and creating commissioned pieces for private residences, commercial and retail spaces, special events, and more. She currently resides on Vancouver Island, in Ucluelet on the traditional territory of the Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ - Ucluelet First Nation.

Diane is also a skilled knitter and has a small collection of wearable knits, all designed with the Earth in mind. You can shop her knit wear here.

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